Cursor Easy Change module

We, like any active Drupal team, faced with the task of recruiting new staff. To begin with, to cut off unwanted people, the usual step is the test task. Commonly in our practice we ask the applicant to create simple module. But Drupal has a lot of contributed modules that cover all needs of ordinary developer. So if we ask applicants to repeat some existing solution they can look for contributed solution... Yes, it is good skill to easy implementation of contributed solution with some customization. But we would like to see how applicant will create solution from scratch. Recently we have to propose the most amazing tasks, which may be completely useless, just for fun only.

Below I would like to show the result of such test task, that was successfully done.

Every beginner in the web development area is seeking to add to the site as many different effects as it possible, wanting to impress site visitor. A little creative effects, which can easily to surprise is custom cursor on the site. We ask the applicant create Drupal module that will provide to the admin of the site the set of cursors to apply via CSS.
You can find the result in the sandbox project.
Also one can download archive here.

The solution is really simple. The form of theme settings is altered.

There is no ability to upload cursors but there are several cases that we can use to show the ability of such kind of effect.
In addition in the module there is function that stores the selected version of the cursor in the system variable and hook_init, which adds the necessary CSS file.

It is really easy module so the main question to the community:

Whether it should stay in the sandbox?

Or we should modify it by adding the ability to load custom cursors and make a full project?


About this module, I'd say it's generic enough to be shared with the community as a full blown project. I would not use it in my website, but who knows.... there might be well suited usecases for it (imagine a kids website, whith a fancy bear icon).

Now, as a side note, I've got an idea !! How about asking applicants to fix some core or contrib issue !!??? You could select the ones with the right complexity/length and see how they do. Sounds even more appropriate than making something totally invented (even though the idea about icons can have its use) and encourages community participation.

Have a nice day !

I say full drupal project...

I liked that Drupalicon cursor ! Maybe you should make it a text field where you can paste a base64 string, so you avoid the hassle of uploading images, and avoid also one extra request per page load

For example:
There are multiple online conversion tools for png -> base64 that even keeps the transparency

Two things. One, the little arrow that moves when you move the mouse is called the pointer, not the cursor. The cursor is the block or line that signifies where characters are going to go as you type. A lot of people make this mistake, but it's still annoying.

Two, yes, this should continue to be a sandbox module. Changing visitors' pointers is a horrible, horrible idea, and if you make this a full module, someone might actually use it. Operating systems give users standardized, well-crafted pointer graphics for a reason; we don't need questionable web designers thinking that they know better.

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