04/24/2022 Don't be afraid to try something different out of your expertise, and you could get unpredictable value

My elder daughter is studying ProCreate. It's a special application for the iPad for artists. 

As soon as it looks challenging for me to try this program and get an idea of how to difficult to work with it. In my previous work experience many years ago I worked with Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop, now I'm using Sketch, Zeppelin, and Figma when I get some designs of sites to develop from the design team. So I have some basic experience in computer graphics. But I don't have any artistic experience.

11/03/2021 One Possible Future of Drupal

About one month ago I took part in DrupalCamp Poland 2021.
You can find abstract of my presentation there. It's about possible evolution of CMS like Drupal.
Also, there are a few recomendations how you can use Tome with some dynamic content.
My slides is there. Please, watch the video and let me know your feedback!
Does it make any sense?

03/04/2021 Meet Traversable Menu Module!

Admin menu as a source for Traversable Menu

When we have a very complex multilevel menu and we need to make it extremely user-friendly the Traversable Menu approach could be the option.

I knew the JS library by Jim Keller (https://github.com/jimkeller/traversable_menu) that can provide such functionality out-of-the-box. I just had to wrap it into a Drupal module.

Now the module was released with the minimum number of settings. Please visit its page https://www.drupal.org/project/traversable_menu.

06/19/2015 Anchors Panels Navigation Module as an Excellent Alternative to Single Page Website Module


Several years ago I was working on my personal Web site. Even in that time One Page solutions were very popular for some presentation, personal or CV pages.

The main idea of such approach to put all information on one long page with several link anchors corresponding some separate sub-sections of this page.