06/19/2015 Anchors Panels Navigation Module as an Excellent Alternative to Single Page Website Module


Several years ago I was working on my personal Web site. Even in that time One Page solutions were very popular for some presentation, personal or CV pages.

The main idea of such approach to put all information on one long page with several link anchors corresponding some separate sub-sections of this page.

04/22/2014 Don't forget to check Backup&Migrate settings after D6 to D7 upgrade!

Several days ago we upgraded simple Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7. After the core upgrade process was finished we turned on all necessary modules such as Admin menu and Backup & Migrate. Some features required custom update by scripts and some manual work, we made a backup before this activity. ... something went wrong and we go back by restoring DB via Backup&Migrate module and site went down :-( When we took a look on DB backup script we found that there was an empty dump with the structure of some tables. So, as a result, the data in several tables was killed.