Vasyl Yaremchuk

Don't be afraid to try something different out of your expertise, and you could get unpredictable value

ProCreate application

My elder daughter is studying ProCreate. It's a special application for the iPad for artists. 

As soon as it looks challenging for me to try this program and get an idea of how to difficult to work with it. In my previous work experience many years ago I worked with Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop, now I'm using Sketch, Zeppelin, and Figma when I get some designs of sites to develop from the design team. So I have some basic experience in computer graphics. But I don't have any artistic experience.

I found a few YouTube tutorials on how to create a Cartoon avatar from a portrait photo. My first try was the avatar of my younger daughter:

Rita's photo and avatar

Looks not perfect... But I've decided to make something more useful, I've tried working on my own photo, such kind of avatar could be helpful to have some selected views on social media. The result was better:

Vasyl's photo and avatar

It looks better, but understand that I need more practice. You can see that the result is relatively far from the origin. The next was the experiment with an avatar of one of my colleague:

Igor's photo and avatar

 It looks good, but the colors probably should be more natural. After that my wife asked me to make a user picture for FaceBook for her. I tried to take more natural colors and there is the result:

Irina's photo and avatar

As you can see the colors look better, but if you can compare the avatars together they couldn't look uniform:

combined avatars together

The main mistake, in that case, is that we have to use the same color set, for example, if we are going to have cartoon avatars, say, on the company page.

And the question to the community: Does it make sense to the developer to shift their work activity and try simple graphic design tasks. What can be the preliminary competitive price for such work?