07/25/2013 Visitors can not see sweaver changes when they not logged in: how to fix it

One of the clients informed that Sweaver module does not save any changes.

I have taken a look on the problem and found out that changes are seen when I logged in as admin and not seen when I logged out.

First of all I turned off boost, css and JS optimization in Performans settings page.

Oh, I should mentioned that it was Drupal 6 project.

I have compared code in the case of authorized and anonymous users.
And in the anonymous case there were no some sweaver inline CSS.

07/23/2012 Cursor Easy Change module

We, like any active Drupal team, faced with the task of recruiting new staff. To begin with, to cut off unwanted people, the usual step is the test task. Commonly in our practice, we ask the applicant to create a simple module. But Drupal has a lot of contributed modules that cover all needs of the ordinary developer. So if we ask applicants to repeat some existing solution they can look for a contributed solution... Yes, it is a good skill to easy implementation of a contributed solution with some customization.

07/16/2012 How to set image style in your own module in Drupal 7

Some time ago one of our customers asked to port gallery from Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7 one.
The module was not complex, the main difficult that I faced during the process to change Image Cache approach to the Image style one that native in Drupal 7. The main idea is to set resize rules of thumbnails in the gallery. Users should no do that themselves.

Previously in Drupal 6 there was following solution. The Image Cache preset set in the .install file.