Vasyl Yaremchuk

Vasyl Yaremchuk

Drupal/Wordpress Expert, Web Consultant

Kyiv, Ukraine

I would like to find people that have the same goals and the same vision in Website Development Industry. 

…I read your excellent article about Twig Tweak module. I enjoyed it and was very impressed. After viewing 'Your Personal LandingPage', listening to your brief video, and reading further, I decided to contact you. Like you (and many others), I too have wondered; why is WordPress 'more popular' than Drupal, despite the fact that Drupal is infinitely more; secure, scalable, and flexible? But I've never seen a better case made to address the perception of Drupal limitations, particularly 'front-end / UI' as the case you made. I suppose the real truth, as many of us know, is that the real 'learning curve' is perhaps; a) 'The Drupal Way' first and foremost, and b) Drupal 'recipes' - or secret use case recipes that allow us to snap together Drupal 'legos' to make something amazing, and very quickly…



If you want to implement your wildest ideas in the Internet, you are on the right the way! Vasyl can meet the needs of each customer. Hi's extremely high professional persons with unique ability to capture clients wishes on the fly. You just close your eyes and imagine your dream... He can get your idea directly from your mind.