Vasyl Yaremchuk

DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016 Retrospective

Photo by Oleksandr Zhabin on Unsplash.

I took part in DrupalCamp Kyiv 2016. Let me share my impression.

I took part in Kiev Drupal Camps in 2010 and 2011, but after that, due to some personal reasons and job activity such as working as the Project Manager at the company, I wasn’t able to participate at the camps from 2012 to 2015. To compare with my previous Drupal Camp experience this Camp looks like International not local Ukrainian event. There were several presentations in English. I think as soon as English presentation will be more than 50% the Camp became really international. The most important conclusion that I have after this event: It does not make sense to start new project on Drupal 7. There were several excellent presentations that show a long set of Drupal 8 strong points. On my own view the best presentation did Olexiy Gorobets from FFW. His report significantly change my understanding of Drupal Cache Workflow. I hope that his report will be available online soon. Also there is a trend towards consolidation Drupal IT business in several companies. They are FFW and Adyax. More than 50% of the camp presentations were prepared by the people from that companies. Also as I can see more than 50% of the famous Ukrainian Drupal developers joined to that 2 companies. I can saw only one weak point of Kiev Drupal Camp 2016. There were 4 streams of presentations, thus participants can have very limited access to that lectures, so one can see only 25% of presentations. I hope that we will have access to all presentations soon, but now I can share my final slide set of my presentation The First Step to a Drupal 8 Landing Page Builder.