Vasyl Yaremchuk

Swipe Photo Gallery

We are happy to inform you that we have put new beautiful photo gallery module on

Project page:

This module show the matrix of images on one separate page. User can see only one page in matrix and go to the next with Up, Down, Right or Left key or using swipe in Up, Down, Right or Left direction.

The simple instruction how to use this module:

  1. Turn on module as usual drupal module.
  2. Check that you use Jquery 1.7 or higher with Jquery Update module!
  3. Put several nodes with Slide content type. This content type will appear automatically.
  4. Go to the configuration page admin/config/media/swipe_photo_gallery and set path where you would like to show your slides.
  5. Go to this page and enjoy your slides.

Feel free to send us any recommendations and ideas that can improve this module!